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How do we produce our saffron?


During the phase of the rising moon in August 2016 we planted Italian Crocus Sativus bulbs in fertile, sunlit soil and cultivated them organically. Every year, in late October, the fields turn crimson: so begins the enchantment of its flowering. Collection starts at dawn, when the petals are still closed around the precious stigma. A few hours later peeling begins in the laboratory: every flower is delicately opened and its stigma cut at the base of the three bright red filaments, without separating them. The while part of the style has no aroma and so is eliminated to obtain a pure, high-quality product. The sigmas are then slowly dried at low temperatures to preserve the organoleptic properties of the spice and avoid toasting or contamination. The dried stigmas are placed in hermetically sealed glass jars and kept in the dark until they are sold. The entire artisanal processing method is performed completely by hand.

Genuine, Good, Healthy


Our Organic Saffron – available as whole stigmas, in other words dried filaments (threads) and not powder – allows consumers to appreciate the purity of the spice, its intense colour and correct processing method. In fact, the post-harvest peeling process eliminates the white part at the base of the stigma since the latter has no aromatic or organoleptic properties.
The high quality of our Saffron comes from the loving care and craftsmanship we use during all production phases.

Follow our advice about how to use the saffron stigmas and enjoy

Saffron has incredible antioxidant properties.
The Vitamin B complex in saffron helps to metabolise fats. As a result, it fights ageing, stimulates the metabolism, helps digestion, and lowers blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides.



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