BIOLOGICAL SAFFRON - Azienda Agricola Sant'Isidoro
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dried, pure in stigmas


SANT’ISIDORO saffron is biologically farmed and available in whole stigmas, i.e., in dried threads and not powder; this makes it easier to appreciate the purity of the spice, its intense colour, and correct processing method. During the trimming or peeling process the white part at the base of the stigma is removed since its has no aromatic or organoleptic properties.

Our high quality Saffron is the result of the loving care and craftsmanship we use throughout production.

SANT’ISIDORO proposes several different grammages of pure Biological Saffron in stigmas, packed in hermetically-sealed glass jars so as to preserve its organoleptic properties:

  • Glass jars with twist-off cap: 0.1 g (3/4 portions)
  • Glass jars with twist-off cap: 0.2 g (6/8 portions)
  • Glass jars with twist-off cap: 0.3 g (10/12 portions)
  • Glass jars with twist-off cap: 0.5 g (15/20 portions)
  • Glass jars with twist-off cap: 1 g (35/40 portions)                               

Special quantities available upon request


If you are a retailer or restaurateur, please contact us for a private estimate.
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