CROCUS SATIVUS FLOWERS - Azienda Agricola Sant'Isidoro
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fresh or dried, edible


In recent years Crocus Sativus flowers have become increasingly important in culinary arts due to the delicate honey scent and aroma they release during cooking.

Fresh Crocus Sativus flowers are biological and edible, in other words fit to be eaten. You can use them to give a dash of colour, flavour, and imagination to sophisticated salads, desserts and cocktails.

Fresh Crocus Sativus flowers are available only during the annual harvest (October/November). We suggest you put them in the fridge and use them no later than a few days after harvesting.

Dried Crocus Sativus flowers can be used either as a decoration (candles, natural soaps, arrangements, pot-pourri) or in the kitchen because they are biological and edible, in other words fit to be eaten. You can add them to bread and biscuit dough, pastels to fry with, or simply to decorate your favourite dishes.

SANT’ISIDORO proposes several different grammages of dried Crocus Sativus flowers.

Glass jars: 8 g (roughly 150 flowers)

Glass jars: 20 g (roughly 380 flowers)

Special quantities available upon request


If you are a retailer or restaurateur, please contact us for a private estimate.
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